Visionary & Technopreneur

Ritam Gupta has been at the helm of the many companies in the Blockchain Revolution. He has led organizations in the blockchain industry as CEO, Founder, Strategist, Advisor and Investor.

Ritam Gupta Is known For his Dedication towards Blockchain & Emerging Tech

Having earlier worked as a Blockchain SME in top companies like Deloitte Blockchain Lab and Airtel Payments Bank, he is your prime choice when it comes to Blockchain Technology.







Ritam’s Career Journey


At a young age, Gupta began his career in blockchain space almost eight years ago. He started as a developer, then moved on to consulting and finally landed into business and investing. Currently, he has built severeal successful businesses by himself.

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Ritam Gupta Was Featured In

Take a deep dive into Ritam’s success stories. Other than running his own Blockchain Dev Studio – NonceBlox, Ritam has successfully delivered a DeFi based Gaming App, DeFi11, which has drastically changed the face of fantasy gaming. Ritam also owns a VC firm, NonceVC, other than being an advisor to some of the renowned web3 projects. Check out the articles where he uncovers how he achieved so much in such a short time.

Ritam has been working relentlesly to make Blockchain & Crypto mainstream.

Ritam has skillfully managed, run, and made many businesses thrive in the rough waters of crypto winter. He has been putting resolute efforts towards revolutionizing blockchain technology despite all odds.
Also, he has been creating awareness about blockchain and crypto on various national news interviews and shows. 

Ritam talks highly about Blockchain Adoption and Cryptocurrency Regulations in News Interviews

Ritam has been speaking in a lot of national News Interviews, shows, panel discussions, conferences, speaking congresses, conventions, etc and has been a solid advocate for blockchain and crypto mainstream adoption. Tap to see some glimpses from his speaking sessions. 

Ritam's inclination towards Humanity and Charity

Ritam believes that the supreme goal of his life is to serve humanity and mankind.
For the same purpose, Ritam also runs a humanitarian trust known as Jitender Foundation, for what he dedicates a lot of his time, efforts and funds. He also leverages his network of sports-stars and film celebrities to spread the awareness and make the world a better place to live.

Ritam's Journey

His journey in the blockchain world was quite a series of events. Starting as a consultant in DRDO, one of the prestigious organizations of Govt of India, he went on to become Blockchain architect and consultant in various prestigious Multinational Companies like Airtel and Deloitte.

Finally all the experience culminated as founder of two leading corporate Blockchain Firms: NonceBlox and DeFi11

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Ritam's Life Outside Work

Ritam is full of life, he has a great understanding of managing balance between his Personal and Professional life. His wanderlust has made him a hippie nomad, whereas his Indian roots keeps him attached to his family and friends. 

Ritam respects nature and enjoys every bit of it. He finds his peace and happiness in the dense forests, calm mountains, soothing seas, and in the tropical wilderness. Balancing his work and life while juggling through geographies is what he likes doing the most.

Gupta believes that travelling solo helps individuals to love themselves and acknowledge all their internal flaws. He says, “Unless you enjoy your own company, you can never expect anyone to enjoy with you!

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